Living Forward Sermon Series Art

Living Forward Sermon Series Art


Living Forward is a great series to start the New Year, focusing on ways that we can live with our hearts fixed on the coming blessings of Christ, by being rooted in his Word, rather than dwelling on the past.

By being rooted in Christ and the Word of God, we become equipped and energized to share the Gospel and begin living a life marked by hope for the future.

Upon purchase you will receive a link to download the following files:

  • 16:9 screen size graphic

  • 4:3 screen size graphic

  • 16:9 background image without text

  • 4:3 background image without text

  • Square graphic

  • Facebook Banner

  • Facebook Post

  • Layered Photoshop file (16:9)

To request additional file sizes, please contact us.

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