30 Reasons to Give Someone a Take Heart Greeting Card

Sometimes it feels like there are just no words. What happened in Florida recently certainly felt like one of those times.

Times when "get well soon" just isn't a reality, or saying "my sympathies" just ins't enough. In those times, and at all times, we need Jesus's words. So I've compiled a list of reasons you might give someone the gift of those words with a “take heart” card:

1. They recently moved to a new city/state and don’t know anyone.
2. They just started a new job.
3. They just lost a job.
4. They’re trying to figure out what kind of job they want.
5. They recently got divorced.
6. They’re having marriage trouble.
7. They’re experiencing loneliness.
8. They struggle with anxiety/depression.
9. They recently had a heartbreak.
10. They’re struggling to discern God’s call.
11. They’re struggling to follow God’s call.
12. They were just diagnosed with a terminal illness.
13. They just entered hospice care.
14. A family member just entered hospice care.
15. A family member was diagnosed with cancer.
16. A friend or family member recently died.
17. It’s the anniversary of a friend/family member’s death or birthday.
18. It’s mother’s day and they've lost their mom.
19. It’s father’s day and they've lost their dad.
20. They had a miscarriage.
21. They’re struggling to conceive.
22. They have an unexpected pregnancy.
23. They’re struggling with postpartum depression.
24. They’re trying to beat an addiction.
25. They’re feeling overwhelmed with all of life’s demands.
26. They have a major test/presentation coming up they’re nervous about. 
27. They’re struggling financially. 
28. They’re worried they’re not a good provider.
29. They struggle with self-confidence.
30. They are a human being. 

I think we all know at least one person in at least one of these situations, and the list goes on. Why? Because Jesus even tells us, "In this world you will have trouble."
Because heaven is our home, and until then there are no man-made words to soften any blow here on earth. Sometimes the only words that can make a difference in our hearts are that of Jesus himself: "But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Naomi DableComment