If you would desicribe your business, brand, or blog as a passion of yours, you’re in the right place.

A meaningful and unique brand design is one of the best ways to communicate that heart and passion with your audience from the moment they set eyes on you.

You’ll be working one-on-one with myself (Naomi), and I do things a little differently than the industry standard. I use a brand design method called the “one concept approach.” 

Essentially, this means that I work with you to deliver one brand design concept that I believe through my professional experience most effectively communicates your brand to your audience.

This approach prevents both you and I from being hyper-focused on our own tastes, but completely focused on your audience—for whom your brand is truly designed.

This also dramatically speeds up the entire process, saving both you and I time and money. 
It’s a win-win!


Here's how it works:


Step 1

We set up a meeting or call to go over my contract, payments, and answer any questions you may have about my process. (There are no obligations.)



Step 2

Once the contract is signed and I’ve received your initial payment, I will promptly send you a questionnaire that invites you to think deeply about your business goals, audience, and express any visual preferences right away.



Step 3

Upon receiving your completed questionnaire, I will begin creating a mood board that I feel best represents your brand based on your answers. It will look something like this.


What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is the look and feel of your brand at a glance. It combines color, typography, and imagery that represent the overall mood and feeling your brand design will evoke.
It’s the visual style guide I will refer to while working on your brand design.

Step 4

Once the mood board is approved, I will design your brand identity! You can expect this to take approximately two weeks.  And then...the moment you’ve been waiting for will finally come!

I‘ll send you a brand presentation PDF of the design concept, complete with audience description, design rationale, and what your brand will look like in action. It will look something like this.



Time is then allotted for up to two rounds of refinements on the brand design if needed— but the best part is, this is rarely needed!


You pay your final invoice, receive your final files, & enjoy showing off your brand




The Branding Basics....$885

Branding is a promise of value that you make to your customers or clients, and it starts with the very first thing they see — your logo! The Branding Basics Package gives you all the essentials to begin visually representing your brand.

This package includes:

• Primary Logo
• Secondary Logo/Watermark if applicable
• Customized Brand Color Palette
• Brand Elements such as patterns or icons if applicable
• Final Logo files in PNG, JPG, and EPS format
• Brand Font Files
• Social Media Profile Photo of your logo
• Brand Guidelines PDF

A La Carte

Your logo is simply the beginning of your brand, and is only effective when used properly across all platforms to best communicate with your audience. Below are some additional services you may need to showcase your brand to its fullest potential.

Set of 5 Branded Social Media Graphics…...$150

Stationary Suite (Business Card, Letterhead, & Envelope Design)…...$125

Multi-Page Collateral Layout Design (e.g. contract, pricing guide, menu).…..$200

Squarespace Website Design & 2 hour training…...$650

Mailchimp Email Marketing, Welcome Email Design & 1 Hour Training..….$150

Prices are subject to change at any time. To guarantee these prices for 14 days, inquire today.