Founder, Naomi Dable. Photo by  RJ Imagery .

Founder, Naomi Dable. Photo by RJ Imagery.

About Naomi paper co.

Lettering for the joy of it.

Naomi Paper Co. is a fine art print and paper goods brand featuring the hand lettering and illustration work of Naomi Dable.

The idea behind Naomi Paper Co. came from founder, Naomi Dable, realizing the over abundance of cheesy and outdated "Christian art" in so many homes. She decided that God's Word was too beautiful to be presented that way, and set out to create artwork that truly reflected the beauty, grace, and joy found in scripture. 

What's more important than the design and style of each piece, are the words that are being shared. Whether it be a funny quote, a detailed illustration, or a passage of scripture, the goal of every Naomi Paper Co. product is to inspire a feeling of joy.