Owner, Naomi Dable. Photo by  RJ Imagery .

Owner, Naomi Dable. Photo by RJ Imagery.

About Naomi paper co.

Lettering for the joy of it.

Naomi Paper Co. is a fine art print and paper goods brand featuring the hand lettering and illustration work of Naomi Dable.

When you hear the words “church art,” do you cringe at the things you picture? Us too. They usually include something like a cheesy portrait of Jesus with light skin and flowing brown hair, or a verse written in a cutesy and outdated font.

News flash: Jesus didn’t look like that, and the Word of God is anything but cutesy or outdated.

That’s why Naomi Paper Co. creates work that represents God’s Word for what it is: beautiful truth. Not in an effort to make the Bible “trendy,” but to honestly capture the meaning, grace, and joy found in scripture.

With a foundation on Biblical truth, a hint of humor, and some midwest pride, the goal of each Naomi Paper Co. product is to inspire a feeling of joy.